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Update the MailArchive 2.6 conversion script.

As part of a 2.6 upgrade this script needs to be run on the database.

It adds a BODY and SUBJECT column and extracts these

out of the XML to improve searching, sorting, and

paging performance.

The conversion script is in the mialarchive directory and

it is called as follows:

./mailarchive-runconversion.sh upgradeschema-2.6-oracle.config

You must do this with CATALINA_HOME pointing to your Sakai

deployment - it looks through sakai.properties for conneciton

details and finds the DB drivers in your Tomcat as well.

The convrsion can be run more than once - it notices when a

message alreayd has been converted and skipps it. You

can even drop the columns and then re-run the conversion.

Please put this in 2.6 - it is a blocker.

Note - this is a required conversion as part of 2.6 - it needs to go

into the release notes somewhere.

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Merge of the branch into trunk.


The major features of this are as follows:

- All features restored - search, sort, and paging forward/back when viewing an individual message

- All features are fast regardless of message corpus size - except for search - there is a property to shut off search (simply remove it from the UI) above a threshold - this is defaulted to 2500 messages.

- The session state for MailArchive is virtually zero - about 10 strings - no live objects at all ever end up in session - so MailArchive will never run you out of memory again.

- The pattern has been made more REST-like - pretty much every action turns into one SQL query which returns *exactly* the right records. There is no more searching, or selecting or sorting in the CPU. Each action only de-serialized the exact number of records that will be displayed on each screen.

This is pretty nice - it means that MailArchive is safe on any sized message corpus - at the point where search would cause a query become more than 3-4 seconds it shuts off (you can play with this value)

This *does* require a DB conversion - the conversion is included. It uses the conversion pattern used by Content - it is a shell script that does the conversion (adding columns) off-line. The recent K! jar reorganization broke the conversion - but it was heavily tested pre-K1 - and I will soon have it working again. The conversion can run repeatedly.

For developers who start with autoddl - it automatically makes the columns for you on fresh startup.

This does not touch incoming mail handling - nor does it affect outbound mail handling - it does touch the storage - I tested this mostly using SASH scripts. SO when we do QA - we do nee to check the mail coming into and out of storage carefully.

The conversion is broken because of K1 - and will be fixed. See the README in this commit.

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