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SAK-45270 update footer logo for dark mode (#9297)

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SAK-45270 update footer logo for dark mode (#9297)

(cherry picked from commit a6b523cace2f81a0b0e3fe315eca8177a1ae8bdc)



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SAK-43981: Library/Portal Dark theme and theme switcher (#8402)

* SAK-43981 WIP move all theme related styles to css custom properties

* SAK-43981 WIP documentation and color clean up in light theme

* SAK-43981 Library/Portal dark/light theme switcher

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SAK-41988 Changed the footer info popover from a custom panel to a Bootstrap Popover to address accessibility issues (#7093)

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SAK-40743 Library: standardized the focus outlines in Sakai, including buttons, links, and form elements (#6101)

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SAK-40600 Library: Designed and styled the Sakai footer (#5990)

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