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SAK-32410 Additional changes and bug fixes for NYU Skin contributions (#4201)

* SAK-32410 Additional changes and bug fixes for NYU Skin contributions

Header Row Updates

* move the role switch action into a drop down menu

* only show role switch menu option if it has had the javascript set it up

* show role options on dekstop/tablet and offer menu on phone

* show the exit roleSwitch anchor in the navbar on all viewports

Updates to "Sites" modal

* Add NYU styles for all sites buttons and menus

* fix auto favorite panel on mobile

* make mask white

* update all term-level star size and make more clickable. Also show the close button when on mobile

Left Menu Updates

* Fix the toolmenu bg color and change blue color

* Tinker styles to extend the toolmenu to the top of its container, to remove the grey bit at the top

Update to Tool Content Area

* Apply NYU tool tab styles

* Align tabs with second tool menu item where possible

* Align the breadcrumb with the toolmenu's first item

* Apply NYU button styles

* Disable swapped-view styles by default (can be re-enabled via a skin variable)

* Apply NYU button styling to synoptic tool buttons

* Update the breadcrumb link color

Mobile Updates

* Apply NYU mobile design to Sakai 12

* Make the skipnav actions into two rows, one for the site-context and the other for the tool-context

* Don't uppercase the skipnav text and adjust the breadcrumb widths so long site and tool names clip nicely

* Affix only the banner on mobile and allow click to return to top

* Fix javascript lessonbuilder due to fixed header changes

* Fix button container view positioning in single column on mobile

* Fix help buttons and button container positioning on mobile

Favorites row

* Update the selected site's bg color

Lessons toolbar and navigation changes

* prevent lessons tabs and buttons from overlapping one another and make them behave like good little children

Synoptic tools

* Fix alignment of the tool menu in synoptic tools and the profile2 tool. And remove top margin from synoptic tools iframe content

* Fix synoptic tool button alignment


* Default the footer color to something less blue

* Add aria-hidden='true' to font awesome icons in portal templates

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SAK-31713 move library and webjars to top level projects (#3262)

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