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SAK-38691 Store session start and end timestamp in UTC without time zone (#9106)

Usage Session is using Instant for session start and end which is already

in UTC and stored as such. Timezone is not needed and can cause issues with


KNL-945 Hibernate upgrade from 3.6 to 4.3 (#3719)

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KNL-1405 SAKAI_SESSION’s TIMESTAMPS creation can fail.

On MySQL under some configurations SAKAI_SESSION table creation can fail because you can’t have multiple columns with a default timestamp. Making the columns null means it works across all configurations and the Java code sets the timestamp.

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KNL-1379 Increased SESSION_USER_AGENT size from 255 to 255 CHAR in ORACLE to prevent errors on requests from some browser that send bigger user-agent header

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KNL-735 update date storage types

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Consolidation of the Kernel Impl into a single Jar.

Although this looks quite scary as a commit, its all moves and no code changes with some small pom changes.

There will be pom changes in core in 2 places where the testing environment has bound to the internals of the kernel.

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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