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SAK-44867 - jsf upgrade for calendar-summary-tool (#9044)

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SAK-40448 Samigo JSF upgrade from 1.2_15-06 to 2.3.5 (#5872)

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SAK-40539 MSGCNTR JSF Upgrade from 1.1_02 to 2.3.7

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SAK-40057 - Chat JSF upgrade from 1.1_02 to 2.3

- Pick a definitive JSF version and library provider.

- Leaving a <sakai:messages tag on the room.jsp file to show the tag

still works (initially it didn't).

After the discussion taken on the sakai-dev community, the development

will take on way or another.

Duplicate JSF project to keep changes separated

JSF2 project cleanup

JSF2 component migration from 2.2 to 2.3

Sanitize source including license header, comments, etc

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