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SAK-15826 Stop stack trace when a SimpleTrigger exists. The Job Scheduler UI was falling over when a SimpleTrigger existed for a Sakai job. The JSPs assumed that all triggers would be CronTiggers. The error in the tool was a failure of the error handling page which was masking the original error. This patch allows the UI to handle SimpleTriggers and remove them. I think the SimpleTriggers get created during Sakai shutdown if the Job is still running at shutdown, although I haven't confirmed this.

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1) Created ConfigurableJobBeanWrapper as an extension of JobBeanWrapper. Jobs configured with this interface can specify several properties in addition to the Job class name and the name to use in the UI. These are:

- a Set of ConfigurableJobProperty objects which describe properties that can be set when create a Job or Trigger for this type

- a ConfigurableJobPropertyValidator which can validate values submitted to configure the ConfigurableJobProperties

- a ResourceBundle which can resolve resource keys for the labels and descriptions to use in the UI for the ConfigurableJobProperty objects

2) Create UI processes to allow:

- setting default values when creating a Job from a ConfigurableJobBeanWrapper

- overriding default values for a Job when creating a Trigger

- overriding default values for a Job when executing that Job immediately

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SAK-18484 Scheduler tool broken image on triggers page

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Moved some text into the message bundle

Added a Tool method to run the current job

Added a page to confirm that the job should run now

Added link to run job now confirmation page from the trigger page

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a very simple typo fix.

a "." should be a "_". this typo crashes the page.

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SAK-3756 -- spanish translation and localization fixes of scheduler-tool

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new quartz image

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initial import of scratch/scheduler from cvs HEAD; intended for sakai_2-1-0 release

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