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KNL-945 Hibernate upgrade from 3.6 to 4.3 (#3719)

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Add 'grade points' grading scheme (#3748)

* Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings

* #3432 refactor the existing grade mapping classes to fix compiler warnings

* #3432 Add the new gradebook mapping. Wire it in.

Update the comparators to deal with the first two characters only.

* #3432 Add the conversion to add grade points grading scale to existing sites

Disable the F (0) field in GradebookNG as per the other schemas

* #3432 Remove a couple of comments and fix the case sensitivity and sequences in MySQl conversion

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KNL-515 and KNL-517 - Upgrade Spring to 3.2.3 and Hibernate to 3.6.1

Mega merge of

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SAK-17095 basics in place

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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