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KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration (#2174)

* KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration

* KNL-1284 tool reg from /tools/ /WEB-INF/tools/

We allow registrations from multiple locations so that contrib tools continue to work without changes but all the core tools can move their files to a better location.

* KNL-1284 Move tool registration files to WEB-INF

This means that the tool registration files are no longer accessible through requests to the webapps directly. This change was done with:

find . -type d -path '*/webapp/tools' | while read dir; do pushd $dir; cd ..; if [ -d WEB-INF ]; then git mv tools WEB-INF; fi; popd; done

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SAK-11900: The HTML <title> is now set as "sakai-instance: sitename: toolname: helpername" (and the helper name was changed to "Search Library Resources")

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SAK-11257: Core Citations Editor Integration functionality - initial checkin

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SAK-8719 Tool registration was wrong for citations helper

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SAK-8613 Moved citations helper to trunk

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