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SAK-43934 Add German Translation (#8381)

* Assignments and Tests&Quizzes translated de_DE (deployed and reviewed)

* Delete turnitin-oc_de_DE.properties

* translated turnitin-oc_de_DE.properties

* changed umlauts to utf-8 in turnitin-oc_de_DE.properties

* translated a string in Ressources

* Translation messageforums-tool de_DE

(cherry picked from commit eddfb8d8fe43f5d6e22d2114adae31cee3163365)

* Assignments and Tests&Quizzes translated de_DE (deployed and reviewed)

(cherry picked from commit e54602d9f5bcfc60cf7690fa3063bd3097041f85)

* Delete turnitin-oc_de_DE.properties

(cherry picked from commit 0b1c32a01f45fe217baf7d74fcba866efb8f922d)

* SAK-43934 translated access_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated tool-tool-su_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated aliases_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated archive_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated authz-tool_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated memory_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934

translating: sites_de_DE.properties, Messages_de_DE.properties, sitesetupgeneric_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: Messages_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: changed sitesetupgeneric_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: Messages_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: users_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: annc-access_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: annc-noti-prefs_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: siteemaanc_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: messages_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 translated: assignment-noti-prefs_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 LTIReportingJob_de_DE.properties not translated, but added to repository

* SAK-43934 blis_de_DE.properties added to repository, but not translated

* SAK-43934 lti_de_DE.properties not translated, but added to repository

* SAK-43934 basicltisvc_de_DE.properties not translated, but added to repository

* SAK-43934 several properties de_DE in LTI added to repository

* SAK-43934 iframe_de_DE.properties added to repository

* SAK-43934 calendar_de_DE.properties added to repository

* SAK-43934 chat-channel_de_DE.properties + chat-message_de_DE.properties added to repository

* SAK-43934 translated chat_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 added citations_de_DE.properties, deleted double keys in citations.properties

* SAK-43934 added properties of cloud-storage, translated commons_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 added properties of config module, deleted doubled keys in content_type_names.properties

* SAK-43934 added properties of content, content-review, dav, deleted doubled keys in DelegatedAccessApplication.properties

* SAK-43934 added properties of content, entitybroker

* SAK-43934 added properties of content

* SAK-43934 translating announcement

* SAK-43934 translated announcement

* SAK-43934 translated content

* SAK-43934 translated endorsed, feedback, gradebookng, help

* SAK-43934 translated jobscheduler, jsf

* SAK-43934 added mailarchive (not translated)

* SAK-43934 added lessonbuilder, login

* SAK-43934 added message, mycalendar, myconnections, oauth (not translated)

* SAK-43934 added message, pasystem, podcasts

* SAK-43934 translated mailsender

* SAK-43934 translated mailsender

* SAK-43934 translated lessonbuilder

* SAK-43934 translated jsf2

* SAK-43934 added emailtemplateservice, translated polls

* SAK-43934 translated portal

* SAK-43934 changed translation portal

* SAK-43934 changed "Email" to "E-Mail"

* SAK-43934 added profile2, translated syllabus-noti-prefs_de_DE.properties, rewrote some text in assignment_de_DE.properties

* SAK-43934 added portal-util

* SAK-43934 translated webcomponents tool

* SAK-43934 translated presence, profile2, reset-pass

* SAK-43934 added presence, rwiki,

* SAK-43934 added rubrics, samigo

* SAK-43934 translating signup tool

* SAK-43934 translated signup tool

* SAK-43934 added site tool

* SAK-43934 added tools textarea, search, sections, syllabus, taggable, usermembership, velocity

* SAK-43934 translated syllabus tool

* SAK-43934 added sitemanage, sitestats-bundle, tags-tool

* SAK-43934 added added elasticsearch-util, postem-tool, sitemanage

* SAK-43934 added site-manage-link-helpers, user, userauditservice, web-base, webcomponents

* SAK-43934 added sakai-fck-connector, search-impl, sitemanage

* SAK-43934 added sitedescription

* SAK-43934 added property gen.clipboard to de_DE locale

* SAK-43934 added de_DE to supported language list

* SAK-43934 reverted changes to Messages.properties in messageforums-api

* SAK-43934 reverted changes to samigo-noti-prefs.properties

* SAK-43934 mistakenly rewrote turnitin-oc_fr_FR.properties, changed back to origin and added turnitin-oc_de_DE.properties

Co-authored-by: jkjanetschek <https://github.com/JKJANETSCHEK/sakai.git>

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