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LSNBLDR-536 Discrepancy between menus and help texts in Spanish language

Merge pull request #1197 from SedueRey/SAK-29965

SAK-29956 - Some disabled buttons will not look disabled in Morpheus

disable the gb settings update temporarily

Fix build error by commenting out this.gradebookService.updateGradebookSettings until available upstream

SAK-29997 Add VeriCite option to set whether to exclude quotes for an assignment

SAM-2646 samigo will consider a test 'active' if the due date is passed, it doesn't accept late submissions, but there is at least one user who has been given the ability to take a retake

SAM-2644 Restricted Assessemnts regression

SAK-29956 - Some disabled buttons will not look disabled in Morpheus

SAK-29987 - Improve mobile navigation

Add the category settings panel stub #132

Revert "Rename these poorly named methods."

This reverts commit a965e7df3dbbb3e633cefbbf3a1fdb40631d49da.

Rename these poorly named methods. SAK-29740

SAK-29971 Add an anouncement about the open date by setting the notification level

Merge pull request #1078 from mcarropellicer/SAK-29895

SAK-29895 Webservice to change the user locale.

Merge pull request #1160 from ddelblanco/Activity-Webservices

SAK-29808 New User Activity Webservices

Merge pull request #1183 from danielmerino/SAK-29981

SAK-29981 - Alternative course & project site types are not supported…

Merge pull request #1194 from bjones86/SAK-29988

SAK-29988 Usability improvements for Syllabus

SAK-29936: Add to disable Forums Ranks feature - Phase 2 - disabling the feature in code

SAK-29988 Usability improvements for Syllabus

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    • +53
SAK-29983 Modified User ID to 'Username' on User Audit Log screen in Site-Info.

changed username property value from 'user.eid' to 'user.displayId' in eventLog.jsp

Wire up the checkboxes in the course grade type panel #167

Add course grade type stub #167

SAK-27970 syllabus in 'access view' does not show the edit mode now.

Removed the ACCESS_CACHE variable from the 'SyllabusTool' class.

#269 add missing class oooops

Merge pull request #269 from payten/edit-comment-in-popover

Only show the Edit Comment link in the comment popover if the user is able to grade the score

Combine the settings forms, keeping the separate panels

Merge pull request #1191 from marktriggs/KNL-1388

KNL-1388 Correct Oracle query for getCountRealmRoleFunctionSql

KNL-1388 Correct Oracle query for getCountRealmRoleFunctionSql

Merge pull request #1185 from ern/KNL-1386

KNL-1386 MessageBundleService fix for Spring + Hibernate Thread issue