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SAK-32263 Preserve Forum Topic Order on Dupe (#4081)

When a forum was being duplicated via transferCopyEntitiesRefMigrator

the topic List was retrieved in an unsorted order. As such, it was

possible for a topic with a sortOrder > 1 to be selected first and

imported into the new forum. Then when the forum was saved in


(, boolean,

boolean, java.lang.String)

the topics would be retrieved using BaseForumImpl#getTopics. This

method would first check to see if the topicSet was sorted by going

through the topics and checking their sort order, starting at 1.

With the topic list being retrieved in an unsorted order, you could

have the first topic inserted to have a sort order > 1. Then when

getTopics was ran, with only one topic in the set (whose sortOrder

is > 1), it would "correct" the sortOrder of this topic.

This change causes the topics to be retireved in a sorted order, thus

the first topic inserted would have a sortOrder of 1 and getTopics would

not rewrite the sortOrder.

SAK-32323 Remove redundant maven sections. (#4079)

As all modules in the build inherit from the master pom.xml and this defines most sections all modules in most cases shouldn’t redefine things like the license and issue tracker as it’s redundant.

Also corrected Jira URL in master.

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SAK-32320 org.sakaiproject.util.StringUtil.trimToNullLower() -> org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils.trimToNullLower() (#4073)

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SAK-32282 NYU submenu styles and shading (#4028)

* SAK-32282 NYU submenu styles and shading

* SAK-32282 Tool menu margin fix.

* SAK-32282 increase tool text size

* SAK-32282 NYU style footer

* SAK-32282 extend footer to bottom of page

* SAK-32282 no text manipulation on headers

* SAK-32282 fix submenu on mobile and span.current

* SAK-32282 NYU style left menu

* SAK-32282 mobile overview page needs full width for each column

* SAK-32282 a little more padding when on mobile with multiple tools like on Overview page

* SAK-32282 fix body bg for footer

SAK-32244 Changed the word Meeting to Event in GB properties file. (#3977)

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Allow setting hidden defaults for plagiarism detection (#4071)

Previously, if a field was hidden from the the instructor, then it wouldn't

get set. Now we'll set the value to the default from the configs

- contentreview.option.exclude_quoted == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.exclude_quoted.default == default value

- contentreview.option.exclude_self_plag == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.exclude_self_plag.default == default value

- contentreview.option.store_inst_index == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.store_inst_index.default == default value

SAK-32310 Animate subsites menu when scrolling. (#4060)

(cherry picked from commit 41c49de46f4352a4e7a3e53faf8a41ddae63652b)



SAK-32310 Animate subsites menu when scrolling. (#4060)

SAK-32090: Entity Broker error with attachment (#4051)

SAK-32302 Allow entitybroker user aid searches. (#4057)

When looking up a user allow searching by AID as well as EID and ID. If a deployment isn’t

LSNBLDR-789: Reorder function does not display the new widgets correctly (#4040)

LSNBLDR-789: Added constants

SAK-32264 Fix for MIME detection with path has dots (#4061)

* SAK-32264 Detect file extension when site ID has .

If the site ID contains a period ('.') then Sakai incorrectly detects

the file. This fixes that problems.

We don’t need the null check as id should never be null and if it is the Validator call will cause it to blow up anyway, so may as well blow up here.

Split the tests into smaller ones so if a failure occurs it’s more precise and the other tests also run. Also we don’t need all of Sakai kernel up to run this test so switch away from SakaiKernelTestBase.

Dropped the reference to the SAK in the code to keep it clean.

KNL-1502 Cache raw type, memoryService.newCache() (#4072)

Add generics to cache, remove memoryService.newCache()

SAM-3172 - Allow time entries to be null, don't sync if retract is set to no (#4069)

SAK-32318 Hibernate 4 cast Long to Integer in query (#4070)

* SAK-32318 Hibernate 4 cast Long to Integer in query

also removed the Instance type in favor of the method type call

* Tabs

SAK-30806 Upgrade OAuth to wicket 7.6.0 (#4078)

This puts the OAuth tools back on a supported wicket library again.

SAK-32321 Fix intermittent sitestats test failures. (#4076)

Some of the other tests inside site stats still had the collect thread enabled which would cause errors on some test runs. Disabling the collect thread should fix these and the tests still pass without it running.

Merge branch 'master' of

SAK-32308 Morpheus configuration to override icons (#4059)

SAK-32300 Delete the expanded site after import. (#4053)

When importing a zip file site archive we expand the site archive into a folder and then import from there. However we don’t delete the expanded archive after importing so that results in not being able to import the archive again.

SAK-32291: pre-tick 'copy content' when creating a site from a template (#4036)

LSNBLDR-788 use NYU placeholder.html (#4031)

LSNBLDR-788 use NYU placeholder.html (#4031)

SAK-32239 - Error alerts no longer appear when saving Messages settings (#4056)

SAK-32239 - Error alerts no longer appear when saving Messages settings (#4056)

(cherry picked from commit 872b8f97d66bb84af8f5bec839a7d78876f44655)

SAM-3165 - When editing an extended time entry, old row should be deactivated/deleted (#4064)

SAK-32111: Move 'Continue' and 'Cancel' buttons to be just under the selected (#4025)

file area in Resources item picker

SAK-32297 move syllabus CSS to SASS (#4048)

SAK-30924 Drag and Drop upload has'Overwrite existing files' functionality. (#3975)

Added overwrite boolean for 'doDragDropUpload' method which checks if user

wants to overwrite files.

(cherry picked from commit 5f4749191bb4eccb6cb1d7dc0e82214ec6bd8b5d)



SAK-30924 Drag and Drop upload has'Overwrite existing files' functionality. (#3975)

Added overwrite boolean for 'doDragDropUpload' method which checks if user

wants to overwrite files.