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SAK-46205 Navigation: /vm/morpheus/includeSiteHierarchy.vm error in logs

SAK-37445 Change status images to fa icons

This affects required links to assessments

and questions in the lessons tool

Added title for icon to display on hover

SAK-46158 momentjs package-lock sync

SAK-46158 momentjs version updated becuase of missing dist dir

SAK-45409 Honor pledge blocks access to closed assignments

SAK-45925 - Syllabus > Students can reorder syllabus items - incorrect behavior? (#9772)

    • -6
    • +5
SAK-46129 Gradebook : remove categories isn't working (#9779)

SAK-45227 - Html entities - Patch from UVa (#9782)

SAK-42227 - Html entities - Patch from UVa

SAK-45310 Samigo: Hot spot question fails to save and throws a stack trace if too much text is entered in the alt text field

SAK-46200 Commons: When user clicks in text field to add comment, cursor is gone from textbox

    • -1
    • +1
SAK-46135 Commons: Edit textbox is only as wide as the current text

SAK-46183 - Hibernate: Revert configuration introduced in SAK-45997 as it's breaking forums.

NOJIRA repos http to https

SAK-46197: Theme tab listed as first of the Preferences tabs makes tool inaccessible

SAK-45882 GRADER - Checked grading always appear checked when navigating between students (#9674)

SAK-45964: SiteStats: Error on log when exporting to PDF a report by events to Table (#9551)

SAK-45941 RUBRICS: Total weight shouldn't be more than 100% (#9599)

SAK-45922 Rubrics and Grader i18n: When grading an assignment with comma it appears with point (#9618)

SAK-43863 Tests & Quizzes - Instructor preview doesn't include Rubrics (#9652)

SAK-46194 - Fully qualify the Comment object (#9776)

SAK-45976 - Lessons > Add Question > Multiple Choice > UI Improvement Needed

    • -9
    • +17
NOJIRA remove duplicate dependencies

SAK-46062 Made lightbulb and key emojis higher contrast (#9749)

SAK-44975 - Lessons > Add Question > Short Answer > Grading Should Not Require a Possible Answer

NOJIRA resync package-lock.json

SAK-45074 Samigo : add missing library for previous commit (#9762)


SAK-46191 Assignments : copy all purpose on duplication (#9773)

SAK-46190 Assignments : copy private notes on duplication

SAK-46181 Create users from import - encodings

This will allow multiple file encodings for uploading the csv, including

a specific case for UTF with BOM

SAK-46189 Reset group locking flag in template foreach iteration over groups