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SAK-23218 Conditional release not working properly

SAM-2674 When shuffling items, cope with blank instructions

Previously this would throw an NPE when a randomized item had no

instruction text.

Also clarifies the logic around which item types can and can't be

randomized, as SAM-1816 corrected a bug with calculated questions that

stemmed from a complicated boolean, and NYU hit a similar case locally

with the "hotspot" question type in the same piece of code.

Apply the fix from SAK-30094 to correctly sort letter grades

SAK-30094 Fix the comparator to correctly sort letter grades

SAM-2356 - Incorrect due date displayed

Add correct comparison for letter grades as per fix in SAK-30094. Disable F grade textfield.

Wire up the on change for the grading schema to redraw the table. Implement sorting. Issue with some grade entries being lost in the sort, TODO.

Merge pull request #1300 from steveswinsburg/feature/SAK-29740_update_gb_settings

SAK-29740 Refactor the service to get the gradebook definitions to al…

SAK-29740 Fix the GradebookService comparator to deal with Strings properly rather than casting every param, and some other minor fixes

SAK-29740 fix the bug in the method that was added recently. The call to remove() affects the underlying collection that we want to return and is unnecessary as it can be done with a for style iteration instead.

SAK-29740 Set the default bottom percents earlier so that the values are not removed in the iterator below

SAK-29740 Add a toString method

SAK-29740 Update web services with new method from gb service

SAK-29740 Refactor the service to get the gradebook definitions to allow returning of the shared DTO rather than the persistent object. Add the original map of bottom percents into this shared DTO

Merge pull request #1299 from ern/SAK-25544

SAK-25544 switch elfinder to us SakaiContextLoaderListener

SAK-25544 switch elfinder to us SakaiContextLoaderListener

SAK-30081 Added “Multiple boxes” HTML template for CK Editor.

Refactor into a custom backing object, GbSettings, so we can add additional bits of data into it for our form

Rework the schema type list into a map so we can set the uuid Wire up the refreshing of the bottom percent table Fix the return type from the service to be the shared DTO

Merge pull request #283 from payten/settings-makeover

Settings page bootstrap styles and running weight total

Merge pull request #284 from payten/fix-categorized-sorting

Delivers #282 categorized sort order error

SAK-30085 Introduce 'Jump to Resource' for admin user as a helper to quickly navigate to a particular collectionId

SAK-30082 Oracle scripts for Quartz upgrade to 2.2.

When creating or updating an assignment, ensure it is reflected in the categorized order XML

If category is added to gradebook after categorized sort order XML has been initialized, then add it to the XML before attempting to move things around

Add accordion to Settings panels with some bootstrap styles to form elements in there. Also introduce runningTotal label which is the sum of all category weights (green if 100%, red otherwise)

SAK-30087 & SAK-29824 - Clean up redundant attributes from submission.

Would also fix the bug with this being invalid and not maching in

assignment xml

Merge pull request #1292 from ern/SAK-25544

SAK-25544 add hsqldb scripts

SAK-25544 add hsqldb scripts