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SAM-3204 Fix up Hotspot Qs in QuestionProgress (#4446)

SAM-3205 Add average score to Samigo pub Noti (#4449)

Add average score to Samigo's publication notification which goes

out to students, the email message. Also add it to the publish page.

SAK-32064 : backport commit 5e9f4e9f90b0e5569a25472a3b13d0dc26401373 from master (#4429)

SAK-32565 Fix Peer Assessment issues from SAK-32064 (#4448)

Refines the techniques for disabling the controls after the assignment

is posted.

SAK-32551 Update bullhorn alert counts immediately after clearing an alert. (#4436)

SAM-2610 multiple-choice questions should be wrapped in a fieldset and use a legend. Answers should use labels. (#4443)

SAK-32543 joda-time 2.9.9 (#4424)

SAK-32533 fix js error when using ckeditor preview in source mode (#4445)

SAM-3131 re-do fill-in-the-blank accessibility (#4434)

(cherry picked from commit 4d98fcb19c94e7591ef6ad2423251923e340f5b9)

SAM-3131 re-do fill-in-the-blank accessibility (#4434)

SAK-32559 remove old CSS hierarchy to apply image constraints (#4444)

SAK-32559 remove old CSS hierarchy to apply image constraints (#4444)

SAK-32554 Fix OAuth_consumer_key check (#4438)

Check the Authorization header for oauth_consumer_key if it is not a


KNL-1528 MariaDB connector/j 1.5.9 (#4432)

SAK-32550 Clear cache for sender and receiver on friend confirmation (#4430)

SAK-32325 Content Review VeriCite - Use client SDK from maven (#4425)

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SAK-32544 Upgrade elfinder to 2.1.23 (#4426)

Also included in this change:

- removing elfinder source and only use webjar

- yui compress sakai-elfinder artifacts

- general clean up

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SAK-32536 Tests of LinkMigrationHelper to check behaviour (#4419)

To check I understand how it works I wrote some simple tests of LinkMigrationHelper and added JavaDoc to the EntityTransferrerRefMigrator. I also updated some part of SiteAction that were calling the EntityTransferrer.

SAM-3178 Force "direct" links to redirect to Login servlet (#4144)

LSNBLDR-812 - Lessonbuilder CP importing some jpg files inline (#4427)

LSNBLDR-812 - Lessonbuilder CP importing some jpg files inline (#4427)

SAM-3016 display student IP to instructor (#4374)

Merge branch '142-nyu-11.x' of into 142-nyu-11.x

Adding updated icons for gb2 and rubric

Merge branch 'master' of

SAK-32535 - Wicket 6.26.0 for rubrics (#4421)

SAK-32529 - Add web service to increment all dates for assignment (#4413)

* SAK-32529 - Add web service to shift all dates for assignment

A new web service to increment all dates for an assignment by the same

amount of days and hours.

* tabs/spaces

* Fixing indentation

SAK-32064 Prevent assignments from being switched from individual to group assignments (#4381)

* SAK-32064

Prevent changing from Individual to Group assignment after it is posted

to students

* SAK-32064

Additional clarification for locked contingent settings.

* Fixing indents

* Fixing indent

SAK-32402 Change messages tool compose to bootstrap row/col (#4401)