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SAK-30007 Site tab name doesn't obey the user preferences to display long or short description.

SAK-30006 - A selected site from All Sites doesn`t display as the active site

Merge pull request #1201 from SedueRey/SAK-29987

SAK-29987 - Improve mobile navigation

SAM-2635 Create a True/False question without setting an answer

Fixed NPE

#273 make cell context menus standout a little more by using standard Bootstrap btn styles where possible so they have a more visual of focus/active state

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#272 don't ever disable the released checkbox, but always ensure that if counted is selected then released is also selected; and that if released is not selected, then counted is not selected

#255 Change wording of flag tooltips to include consistent wording 'Gradebook Item is...'

Merge pull request #1204 from jonespm/SAK-29947

SAK-29947 - Can't edit syllabus items

SAK-30003 show title for roster groups instead of EID (auto groups)

SAK-30001; assignment create/update doesn't show Turnitin errors in UI

SAK-29947 - Can't edit syllabus items

SAK-30002 joinable sets UI doesn't trim some user inputs

SAK-30000 site creation notification emails should use the site title instead of the site ID

Merge pull request #1196 from bbailla2/SAK-29936

SAK-29936: Add to disable Forums Ranks feature - Phase 2 - disabling the feature in code

LSNBLDR-536 Discrepancy between menus and help texts in Spanish language

Merge pull request #1197 from SedueRey/SAK-29965

SAK-29956 - Some disabled buttons will not look disabled in Morpheus

disable the gb settings update temporarily

Fix build error by commenting out this.gradebookService.updateGradebookSettings until available upstream

SAK-29997 Add VeriCite option to set whether to exclude quotes for an assignment

SAM-2646 samigo will consider a test 'active' if the due date is passed, it doesn't accept late submissions, but there is at least one user who has been given the ability to take a retake

SAM-2644 Restricted Assessemnts regression

SAK-29956 - Some disabled buttons will not look disabled in Morpheus

SAK-29987 - Improve mobile navigation

Add the category settings panel stub #132

Revert "Rename these poorly named methods."

This reverts commit a965e7df3dbbb3e633cefbbf3a1fdb40631d49da.

Rename these poorly named methods. SAK-29740

SAK-29971 Add an anouncement about the open date by setting the notification level

Merge pull request #1078 from mcarropellicer/SAK-29895

SAK-29895 Webservice to change the user locale.