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SAK-38394 cleanup use of role=menu and menuitem to improve aXe a11y score (#10016)

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SAK-46481 GitHub actions spin up server and run browser tests on every PR (#9963)

* Github Action to do Cypress browser testing with every PR. This PR:

1) Builds Sakai and deploys to Tomcat

2) Spins up a MySQL server

3) Runs Cypress browser test suite

4) Checks the number of queries run against MySQL for oddities

5) Opens up an HTTPS tunnel to do human testing against the PR

* Fix JS error found via Cypress testing

* Adjust cypress

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SAK-46469 Github Actions checkoutv2 remove checks (#9964)

SAK-33595 Java 11 (#8974)

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NOJIRA github ci update batch mode

NOJIRA github ci update batch mode

NOJIRA github ci add maven batch mode

NOJIRA Github Actions use java 8

NOJIRA github action minor change to use merge sha

NOJIRA PR should update with master before building

Also removed the trigger for on push as many env vars are specific

to pull requests.

NOJIRA Github Actions use sha from event as ref

SAK-44805 - Fixing up TaskServiceTest (#8978)

* SAK-44805 - Fixing up TaskServiceTest

* Removing git checkout for previous version

* Changing checkout to be PR HEAD commit

* Chaning tab to spaces

* Changing HEAD^ to HEAD

* revert HEAD^

Co-authored-by: Earle Nietzel <>

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NOJIRA Github Actions build on HEAD vs commit (#8880)

SAK-44746 GithubActions test exclusions (#8871)

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SAK-44696 add branches for builds (#8843)

SAK-44696 Github Actions use a different jUnit annotator (#8837)

* use a different test annotator

* test failure

* revert

SAK-44696 setup Github Actions to replace Travis-CI (#8828)

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